Before 3-4 hours
Eat light foods odorless, and no more eat any thing, but you can drint water whenever you want. Dont brush your teeth. Never stay fasting more than 3-4 hours. More fasting is halitosis. Bring all of your medical reports (if any), such as blood, urine, tests or xrays. Do not use perfum, shaving lotion, deodorants, shampoo, cigar, mouthwash, gum.

You do NOT need halitosis examination. *if*:

  • your halitosis duration is shorter than 2 months.
  • you feel bad odor when only kissing or when only insert your finger somewhere into your mouth.
  • you are using alcohol
  • Pregnants or ladies having menstruel cycle.
  • Cancer, asthma, chriosis, or known metabolic diseases can be well known cause for halitosis
  • You dont perceive your halitosis, but if you are thinking others turn their faces out, put their fingers on their nose, open window, This is psychological disorder.

  • Check these items and be ready to answer following questions:

  • Lay down on the bed for 15 minutes. Does your halitosis disappear?
  • Make sport or some physical exercise. Does your halitosis disappear?
  • Drink one glass of milk. Do you feel problem with your stomach? (pain, gas, diarrhea)
  • Do you feel eye burning or itching while halitosis exists.
  • Do you feel halitosis when your mouth is closed?
  • How many different bad odor do you distinguish?
  • Do you know any thing that prevents your halitosis?
  • Take an ice piece in your mouth. Does your halitosis disappear for a minute?
  • Hold your breath for 15 seconds. Does youe halitosis disappear?

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    Halitosis examination

  • is performed with this methods by using one of these devices
  • takes about 1-2 hours. A gas measurement report will be given to the patient that explains where the malodor (if any) originates from.

  • Your medical records remain completely secure.
  • You will be alone during examination. Neither nurse nor medical personal will assist.
  • The price is 300 $USD. Including taxes. No hidden charge. Credit card is not acceptable.
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