Halitosis research group

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The halitosis research group provides immediate and effective communication between scientists interested in halitosis.

Only scientists who have studied halitosis and have at least one peer-reviewed publication on halitosis are wellcome..

Members benefit from easy, instant and effective communication via whatsapp with a large number of scientists around the world. Members share their publications, opinions, experiences, ideas or projects about halitosis with each other.

English is preferred, other languages are not prohibited.

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What is the cost ?

Free and always will be free

Only scientists who have studied halitosis and have at least one peer-reviewed publication, are accepted to the whatsapp group.

Send your name, phone number to the e-mail below by clicking the button. You will be added to the Halitorium whatsapp group. English or other languages are used.

Additionally, if you want to publish your personal information or skills on this web page, also include the following informations to your email as attachment, Photograph, Affiliation, postal, web and e-mail address, Special interest topics about halitosis. See examples below

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Every health care professionals (ent, gastro, dental practitioner, internist, psychiatrist, nurse, pharmacist, dentistry and medical faculty students and specialists from other medical branches) are welcome.

Indicate that you are a physician to your facebook profile and request membership by clicking the button below.

In this group, scientific issues related to halitosis are discussed. Question and answer is for educational and sharing purposes.

English or Turkish languages are used.



Everyone is invited, including halitosis patients. People anonymously ask public questions or share their experiences.

Others or volunteer health care professionals answer questions or teach patients.

English or Turkish languages are used.

Wwhat you want to know
About Halitorium
Murat Aydin

Story of Halitorium,

Scientists interested in halitosis should meet with each other to find answers to some questions, to share their opinions or experiences. More valuable projects can be produced by taking the ideas of others.

Years ago, I subscribed to the International Society Breath Odor Research (ISBOR), hoping it would be helpful for finding and communicating with other colleagues who interest in halitosis.

My colleague, who was managing the community at that time, said that there was no such practice and that we could not provide active communication between members.

Later I saw that International Association for Halitosis Research (IAFHR) and International Association for Breath Research (IABR) were also running a similar policy.

so i said i'll do it

Click the link below for who i am

Murat Aydın
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The structure of Halitorium

The term "Halitorium" was formed by combining the words Halitosis (oral malodor) and sanatorium (to heal, make healthy). Halitorium group has 3 layers covering everyone in the world dealing with halitosis, including scientists, practitioners, and the public, respectively.

- Scientists who are interested in halitosis and have published in peer-reviewed journals can join the whatsapp group.

- Practitioners from any medical branch can join the facebook group

- Public people meet on the forum group.

Scientists can join all 3 groups. All groups are unmoderated, free and will be free forever.

I'm open to all offers to improve the halitosis groups. You can contact me by clicking the link below.

Murat Aydın

Halitorium Research Group

Some of our members

Murat Aydın DMD PhD Murat Aydın graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at İstanbul Üniversity. He went on to earn a PhD in Microbiology at the Medical Faculty of Çukurova Üniversity. He has published textbooks and scientific papers on microbiology and halitosis, developed a chemical formulation to prevent mouth and body malodor and a halitosis measurement device (halitometer) and methods. Special interest area is odor measurement methods. He is currently working on halitosis in his private clinic. More information is available at :
web site      Phone      email      instagram       Orcid       Youtube

Yusuf DemirYusuf İ Demir student at Medical Faculty of Hitit university, Türkiye.

Phone      email      instagram       Facebook       Orcid

Çağrı DericiÇağrı Derici ENT specialist at City hospital - Adana /Türkiye

Phone      email      instagram       Facebook       Orcid

Mel RosenbergMel Rosenberg /Israel


İlter Uzelİlter Uzel Prof Dr. Orthodontist, Historian of Medicine / Türkiye

Phone      email      instagram       Facebook       Orcid

isabelle lalemanIsabelle Laleman / Belgium

Saliha SaadSaliha Saad / England

Stuart J Froum Stuart J Froum NewYork

Paulo Sérgio da Silva SantosPaulo Sérgio da Silva Santos Prof Dr. / Brazil
Professor Titular do Departamento de Cirurgia, Estomatologia, Patologia e Radiologia - Disciplinas de Radiologia e Estomatologia Faculdade de Odontologia de Bauru - Universidade de São Paulo Full Professor of the Department of Surgery, Stomatology, Pathology and Radiology - Bauru School of Dentistry - University of São Paulo Al. Dr. Octávio Pinheiro Brisolla, 9-75, Bauru - São Paulo
Phone1      Phone2      Cell Phone      email      instagram

Defne Yalçın Yeler DDs PhD / Türkiye
Sivas Cumhuriyet University , Department of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology Sivas

Defne yeler
email      instagram Facebook       Orcid

Burcu Evlice

Burcu Evlice /Türkiye

Metin Çalışır Metin Çalışır /Türkiye

Curd Bollen Curd BollenProf. Implant Dentistry @ College of Medicine and Dentistry Birmingham (Ulster University, UK)
Prof. Periodontology @ American University Iraq Baghdad
Lecturer Implant Dentistry @ Tipton Training, Manchester, UK
Periodontist & Implant Dentist @ Mondcentrum Eyckholt, The Netherlands
DDS, PhD, MSc periodontology @ Catholic University Leuven (Belgium)
PGCert restorative dentistry @ University of the Pacific, Stockton, US
Ceramic dental implant specialist
Web1       Web2       email      Phone      Orcid LinkedIn

Fernanda Klein Marcondes Fernanda Klein Marcondes Fernanda Klein Marcondes, PhD Associate Professor
Piracicaba Dental School University of Campinas
Av Limeira, 901 13413-906 Piracicaba - SP Brazil

Patricia Oliveira de Lima

Patricia Oliveira de Lima

Sandra Kalil Sandra Kalil /Brazil

Profa. Dra. Karina Cogo Müller Karina Cogo Müller Profa. Dra. /Brazil
Karina Cogo Müller is gratuated in Pharmacy at Piracicaba Methodist University; PhD in Pharmacology, Anesthesiology and Therapeutics at Piracicaba Dental School. Currently, she is assistant professor at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Campinas (Brazil). Her main research lines are: Oral microbiology and stress, antimicrobial activity and mechanism of actions; biofilms and antimicrobial drug repositioning. Special interest area is dysbiosis and oral diseases, including halitosis. More information is available at :
web site      Phone1      Phone2      email      instagram       Orcid      

José López José López /Spain

Mert Bilgili Mert Bilgili ENT specialst, MD/Türkiye

Eveline van der SluijsEveline van der Sluijs /Holland

Gustavo MalufGustavo Maluf /Brazil

Gustavo MalufSushma Nachnani /USA

İsmail Günayİsmail Günay Professor Dr. /Türkiye
İstanbul Health and Technology University Faculty of medicine, Department of Biophysics / Türkiye

Phone    email-1    email-2    Orcid      

Prof. Dr. Özgür Keşkek Özgür Keşkek       Prof. Dr. /Türkiye
Aladdin Keykubat University, Faculty of Medicine, Dept of Internal Medicine, Chief of Institution review board, head of education More information is available at :
web site      Phone      email      Facebook       instagram       Orcid      

Karolina Skarlet Silva Viana Karolina Skarlet Silva Viana       DDS, Msc student /Brazil
Periodontics, Postgraduate Program of the School of Dentistry, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Phone      E-mail      Orcid      

Tuğçe odabaş Tuğçe Odabaş       DDS /Türkiye
Restorative Dentistry Specialist, works in a private dental clinic since 2022. Special interest area is Capacity of Different Restorative Materials to Hold Volatile Sulfur Compounds or tooth discoloration and halitosis.
web site      Phone      instagram       email      Facebook       Orcid      

Contact with Murat Aydın

Call me by telephone(+90322 4536262)

Email after 19:00 PM

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